Steffani Broadfoot

Steffani first joined the HUB as part of our 10-week transformation challenge. One year later she has lost an incredible 4 stone in weight and is now healthier, happier and both physically and mentally stronger.

Given that, in January 2020, she was at the very start of her fitness journey, our coaches focussed firstly on providing her with the proper guidance, support and accountability that would form the foundation of her weight loss and fitness goals.

From the very beginning Steffani’s determination to work hard and give her all was impressive. We knew that she had her mind set on big things! She attended 3 to 4 sessions per week, stuck to the challenge guidelines, ate smarter, tracked her calories and stayed within the correct calorie deficit for her body.

ServicesHUB Transformer, Group TrainingYearJourney began in 2020

Lockdown struck a few months later and, with the HUB forced to close, Steffani could no longer attend sessions. This didn’t stop her though! She continued to follow our online training programme and kept her fitness levels and strength up. As soon as our outdoor sessions resumed she was back with us and has been a regular face at sessions ever since.

As a challenger, Steffani was a dream to work with. From the get-go she was 100% committed and knew that this was her time to change. Delighted with her results, exercise has become part of her life and she loves it. Her story proves that mindset is everything – once you master it, you can achieve anything.

Steffani has particularly praised the support she received from the HUB team and thanked us for keeping her going throughout. Absolute top effort Steffani, well done.

I Joined the 10 Week Challenge in January 2020 and it was one of the best decisions that I have made. The HUB atmosphere is definitely something to be part of. I have become physically and mentally fitter (don’t have to use my inhaler as regularly), and above all, more confident. Since starting at the HUB, I have lost over four stone, and today I continue to exercise almost every day. I have also started running which is something I never thought I would do. The support from the HUB has pushed me to become a better version of myself. I cannot thank Gordon and the team enough for their continued support which motivates me to keep going!

I highly recommend their programmes for anybody that wants to make a change to their health and fitness and is struggling to do that on their own.


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