Andrew Finlayson

Andrew signed up for our HUB connect 10-week online challenge in March 2021. After losing his motivation during the second lockdown his weight started to creep up and that’s when he decided to act.

In just eight months Andy has worked extremely hard making positive changes to his lifestyle to improve his health, fitness and wellbeing and he’s not stopped there. After completing the 10-week challenge Andy started to attend regular sessions at the HUB and has incorporated these sessions into his lifestyle.

ServicesHUB connect, HUB Transformer, Group TrainingYearJourney began in March 2021

Having always been active and enjoyed exercise over the years, like many Andy has found the last 2 years difficult. During the second lockdown, in particular, Andy lost his motivation and struggled with the demands of working from home, family life and his health and wellbeing and started to put on weight.

Andy attended the HUB a few years back and enjoyed the sessions, but regular attendance was difficult due to his busy work schedule so when we launched our online programme HUB connect Andy was keen to give it a go.

A bit apprehensive about staying motivated online Andy was surprised how quickly he adjusted to exercising in this way “I loved the variety of the classes. the quality of the coaching and the collective motivation and encouragement from the group.”

In August this 2021, Andy decided to continue his journey with us by signing up for our Transformers 10-week challenge at the HUB having said the home challenge gave him the foundations and confidence to attend the classes.

Five weeks into his second 10-week challenge Andy had dropped from 86kg to 77kg leaving him feeling fitter, leaner and healthier in body and in mind and he was only warming up.

The coaches couldn’t be prouder of Andy for the effort he has put into both challenges and how he continues to remain consistentin attending his session each week. You deserve these results Andy, an amazing transformation!

The quality and experience of the coaches, group spirit and sense of achievement after every class is addictive. I can’t recommend the HUB highly enough. If you want to make real lasting lifestyle changes ditch the gym, avoid fad diets and sign up to any of their 10-week challenges.


Our next 10-week challenge begins in January 2022. Get in touch today,

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