Lauren Vee

Lauren has been attending the HUB for just over a year now and what a year it’s been! In just 12 months Lauren has dropped 3 stone in weight and has dramatically changed her approach to exercise and eating.

From the beginning, Lauren freely admitted that she hadn’t been able to stick with any form of diet or fitness in the past. So, our first objective was simply to get her coming along to the HUB regularly – we knew that if we could help her to fall in love with exercise the rest would be easy!

ServicesHUB Transformer, Group TrainingYearJourney began in 2020

But, just as she found her groove with the sessions and was seeing results, lockdown set in. At home with small children to look after, fitting in exercise wasn’t easy, But, rather than see her hard work to go to waste, Lauren joined our online training programme, HUB Connect, and prioritised her workouts for the whole 5 months of lockdown.

Now we’re back, so is Lauren. She’s loving the outdoor sessions and is improving week-on-week. We’ve helped her to forget that weight loss is her main goal and, instead, allowed her to simply focus on the enjoyment of regular training. The approach is working!

Lauren is now a HUB regular and the massive improvement in her fitness levels just goes to show how quickly someone can change when they’re willing to work hard and stay consistent. We love witnessing our member’s positive transformations and seeing them becoming the very best versions of themselves. We know we’ve done our job well when they start to look forward to exercise and don’t treat it as a chore. And it’s always nice to know that they don’t dread coming to see us too!

We’re massively proud of Lauren’s achievements and are excited to see what comes next.

Joining the Hub was the best decision I’ve made! My fitness has improved dramatically thanks to the encouragement from the amazing coaches and the HUB community. It’s more than just a workout, you really do feel part of the family. If you’re thinking of joining, do it now, you won’t regret it!


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