Gordon Stables - Sports + Fitness HUB Head Coach - Owner
Gordon Stables - Sports + Fitness HUB Head Coach - Owner

Gordon Stables

As a lively child with energy in abundance, I always knew I could never sit still for long enough to hold down a desk job. After completing an HND in Health Fitness and Exercise I went on to study Sports and Exercise Science at University.

During my student years I worked as a fitness instructor/personal trainer and part-time sports coach. I loved both roles, so deciding which route to take was always going to be a tough.

After graduating, I started Enjoy-a-ball East and Mid Lothian: a multisport coaching franchise. Coaching up to 500 kids a week I spent my days dashing between a series of dusty old church halls. I loved it but, during that time, I started dreaming of having a little Hub of my own. And the real cherry on top would be a venue versatile enough to cater for kids sessions but also allow me to develop a fitness coaching and PT business.

Fast forward 4 years and I’m living that dream. The Sports + Fitness HUB is a vibrant training ground delivering over 30 group training sessions/PT sessions per week plus a base for Enjoy-a-ball Dunbar.

It’s better than I ever could have imagined, thanks to the support of our amazing community and an outstanding coaching team. I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve built together – a place for serious training in a relaxed environment that welcomes everyone.

Dave Mayoh

My passion for fitness has been with me since I was young. I was always doing something such as football training, running or even creating a quick circuit for myself and even at that age, I was aware of its positive effects on body and mind.

In my army days, I ran for the battalion and even cycled across America and it was here that I really learned about self-discipline and that you only get out as much as you put in, “dig deep” as I often say to my clients.

I became a BMF instructor in London, obtaining my Level 2 & 3 gym instructor and personal trainer qualifications, kettlebells and qualified as a running coach. At the time, I was instructing evenings and weekends alongside my day job, but I knew this was what I wanted to do.

Moving up to East Lothian after the birth of my daughter five years ago provided the perfect opportunity to go for it and I’ve never really looked back. For me, it’s all about my clients. I like to keep things simple, realistic and positive. Anyone who knows me will tell you I don’t do negative, and there’s no better reward than seeing them grow in confidence as they reach and exceed their goals.

If I can show people that they can change their bodies, minds and lives through exercise then I’m happy.

David Mayoh - Coach | Sports + Fitness HUB | East Lothian
David Mayoh - Coach
Alan Slimon - Coach | Sports + Fitness HUB | East Lothian
Alan Slimon - Coach

Alan Slimon

Having dedicated 21 years to the industry, my love of fitness has provided me with countless experiences, knowledge and opportunities.

I especially love the energy that comes from a lively group training environment so I’m in my element when coaching these types of sessions; from body pump, to combat, circuits and spin. When training myself I focus on strength and spent 5 years with an Olympic lifting coach observing and learning key techniques around heavy lifting.

Fitness has always played an important role in my life and, working full-time in a stressful corporate role, I found that teaching became my release. I’m always interested in broadening my skills and, after a while, decided to study to become a yoga teacher. My style of yoga focuses on deep relaxation which works to release the fascia tissues around the muscles allowing the body to move more fluidly. I find it a great counterbalance to the high-intensity, physically demanding side of fitness training.

With fitness, I really believe in experience and enjoyment. When you enjoy exercise, it doesn’t feel like a chore and it will more easily become a regular part of your lifestyle.

So that’s my job – to make it enjoyable! At my sessions you can expect upbeat funky tunes, good vibes and a friendly face. I’ll never tire of seeing how quickly people progress from that first session to completely smashing just weeks or months later. I’m always on hand to support, motivate and encourage them to go for it. 

Charlie Burgess - Yoga Instructor | Sports + Fitness HUB | East Lothian
Charlie Burgess - Yoga Instructor

Charlie Burgess

As a yoga teacher training graduate and Yoga alliance professional, I specialise in teaching vinyasa flow yoga. Flowing through poses using breath, it’s a moving mediation, stretch and a workout all in one. Although slower paced than other HUB sessions, Vinyasa yoga has many benefits including flexibility, mental focus, conditioning, calorie-burn and muscle development.

When not teaching yoga, you’ll find me either riding horses or participating in the other many HUB classes that are on offer. It’s particularly useful as I understand and can sympathise with some of the aches and pains that members experience after gruelling workout sessions!

Everyone is welcome at my stretch or yoga sessions – I hope to see you soon.

Laura Stables

It’s a bit of a family affair here at the HUB. Taking a leap of faith in September 2019, I teamed up with my husband, Gordon, and joined the squad full-time. The HUB was going from strength-to-strength, and we needed someone fast on their feet to make sure our members were getting the best from their experience.

With a marketing background and 9 years of experience in the digital industry I’ve had solid training in the art of working at pace and juggling lots of balls at once! Joining the HUB and bringing my A-game to support its development seemed like a natural next step.

How would I describe my role? Erm…the word ‘diverse’ springs to mind. I am responsible for our brand, social channels, events, merchandise and operations. Depending on the demands of the day you could find me behind my laptop responding to enquiries, taking part in a class (either at home or at the HUB) or, in my most natural state, with a mop and bucket in hand! I’m really a jack-of-all-trades and not afraid to get stuck in.

The quality of the training coaches at the HUB is second to none, so how we look and sound online is just as important to me. It’s my job to bottle up the inimitable HUB buzz and share it with the world!

Laura Stables - Operations | Sports + Fitness HUB | East Lothian
Laura Stables - Operations

Lauren Howat

Fitness has been my passion since a young age. I've always been involved in sports, including hockey, tennis, running, and most recently, wakeboarding. My love for group exercise classes led me to the fitness industry. The sense of community and connection that develops from working out with others is truly inspiring, especially at the sports fitness hub where I've never experienced anything like it.

Outside of the hub, my life is just as active. As a busy working mom, I cherish time spent with my family wakeboarding, running, and taking walks together. When it’s time to unwind, there’s nothing like a relaxing holiday. But no matter where I am, you can always find me on the Pilates mat.