Stretch + Balance

Take some time out to stretch and lengthen hard working muscles. We promise you that your body will thank you for it. Our Yoga and Strength sessions offer everything you need to improve your strength, balance and flexibility.

...and relax
Yoga Position | Sports + Fitness HUB | East Lothian

Yoga and Stretch sessions at the HUB are extremely popular, with a range of classes timetabled throughout the week. Our instructors are highly experienced and hold a true passion for their art.

Our yoga sessions work to strengthen your body and mind. In a welcoming environment, we’ll teach you how to focus on your breathing before taking you through a range of poses to improve your muscle tone and flexibility. And ending with some beneficial deep relaxation means you’ll leave feeling relaxed but energised every time.

Our stretch sessions aim to lengthen those hard-working muscles. You’ll learn how to move through and hold different poses for a full body release. This class is great to realign and relieve any aches and pains.

Sessions are for all levels and abilities.

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