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HUB Connect logo | Sports + Fitness HUB | East Lothian
Training session for HUB Connect | Sports + Fitness HUB | East Lothian

Our online training programme, HUB Connect, gives you the chance to experience the buzz of the HUB at home, whenever it suits you. HUB Connect has been designed to be completely flexible so that you can easily step away from the day-to-day and fit in a workout with us, either live or on-demand.

You’ll have the choice of a wide range of classes including strength*, power, HIIT, cardio and stretch. All of our workouts are 45 mins long and we recommend 3 to 4 sessions per week to improve your lifestyle, both physically and mentally.

HUB Connect logo | Sports + Fitness HUB | East Lothian

Online fitness has evolved massively in the past year. We believe home workouts are here to stay so we’ve put in the effort to make our online offering the best it can be. You can expect:

HUB connect is the perfect way to stay active and achieve results from home. Get in touch today to sign up. A four week block costs £39.50.

  • Timetabled live sessions
  • Large archive of on-demand workouts
  • Knowledgeable energetic trainers
  • Workouts suitable for all levels
  • Alternative options provided throughout
  • Weekly high protein/low-calorie menu cards with easy tracking
  • Huge variety (no two workouts are ever the same!)
  • Easy access, allowing you to take part using your phone, tablet, laptop or smart TV
  • Support, encouragement and much more

How do I sign up for HUB connect?

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