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Our PT game is strong at the HUB and we have a team of incredible trainers ready to coach, support and push you to meet your fitness aspirations. We’ve created an exclusive range of fitness packages for people looking for a tailored service.

If you’re looking for extra motivation and encouragement, expert advice, tailored sessions or all of the above then personal training is definitely for you. But it’s not all about exercise, we’ll cover nutrition, calories and how to fuel your body properly before and after your sessions. We’ll also talk about mindset and how important this is during your journey, once you’ve mastered your mindset you can achieve anything.

Bodystat1500 test - £20

We run Bodystat1500 – this short and simple test provides accurate statistics for body fat, lean muscle mass, dry lean and hydration. The results are the greatest motivation for continual improvement.

Bodystat1500 test, evaluation and gym programme - £40

Following a Bodystat test, we’ll talk through your results and then design a fitness programme specific to your goals. You’ll then have everything you need to complete your own personalised LAB session at our fully kitted out gym.

121 personal training - £40 per session

There’s nothing like a private training session with one of our experienced HUB trainers. Together we’ll discuss and agree on your health and fitness objectives and nutrition needs. Then we’ll create a fitness game plan to reach those goals. Bodystat1500 test included.

PT bundle - £350

If you’re serious about making big changes to benefit your health and fitness then our package of ten 121 sessions is for you. We’ll guide you through your fitness strategy, encourage you to get the best from your sessions and motivate you to stay on track. Nutritional advice, weight loss education and Bodystat1500 testing included.

Buddy up, £25 pp per session or ten sessions for £200 pp.

If going at it alone is not for you then bring a friend or family member along to join you. This package includes all the same points noted in our PT bundle but spreads the cost between two people. £25 pp per session or ten sessions for £200 pp.

Small groups - £20 pp

If you prefer to work out in a group but need the intensity of a 121 session then we can create a group fitness session to suit the needs of you and your workout gang. 3-5 clients max.

10-12 week personal training transformation - £900

Commit to making a big lifestyle change with our private transformation plan. Train with your coach 2-3 times per week to reach 30 x 121 sessions over a 10-12 week period. You’ll benefit from all the guidance you’ll need on training, nutrition, weight-loss, strength plus regular Bodystat testing throughout. This package also includes unlimited use of our HUB LAB during the course.

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"HUB connect has been fabulous throughout lockdown. I have refocused my diet, lost almost a stone and love that the support is there to keep me pushing forward."

The flexibility of HUB connect is great for stepping away from your desk or whenever you have a 45-minute free period. Getting a sweat on can help you deal with work pressures, leaving you feeling refreshed and refocused for the rest of your day.


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