Are you at the beginning of your fitness journey? Or exercising already but not getting the results you want? Or, maybe it’s time to take things up a level? No matter what, we have the challenge for you. With a little structure, guidance, motivation and support we can help you achieve a healthier you.

Our 10 week challenges are designed for long term life changes, not just a quick fix which is impossible to maintain. We’ll help you change your mindset which, in turn, can change your body forever.

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HUB Transformation Challenge

Ready to make lifestyle changes and work hard to get real results? This is a great start for HUB beginners or those who want to make big changes with lasting effects. £250

For this challenge, you must complete 35-40 sessions at the HUB during the 10 week programme. Each session will be tracked to monitor your progress along the way.

HUB Level+ Challenge

Have you hit a weight-loss or fitness plateau? Need to refocus? Then it’s time to LEVEL UP. This challenge is for those who are training regularly but need help to focus on their goals while incorporating better eating habits. We’ll help you stay on track, train better and see bigger results – £250

HUB Connect Challenge

Our online challenge has all the same benefits as our in-house challenge but is carried out from the comfort of your own home. £120

Our members choose the HUB Connect Challenge for lots of different reasons. Some are new to fitness and need a kickstart, whilst others struggle for time or can’t make it in to train with us. Working out at home suits lots of people and is a great way to build confidence and fitness on your own terms.

For this challenge, you must commit to 3 to 5 online workouts per week over 10 weeks to hit the target of 35 sessions. But you’ll never be alone – the HUB team are here to support, guide and keep you on track. And fellow challengers always prove to offer the most amazing encouragement and help of all.

Ready to go?

10 weeks is ALL that stands in your way to achieve a leaner, fitter, stronger and healthier you.

To receive our full challenge document, get in touch today sportsfitnesshub@outlook.com.

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"HUB connect has been fabulous throughout lockdown. I have refocused my diet, lost almost a stone and love that the support is there to keep me pushing forward."

The flexibility of HUB connect is great for stepping away from your desk or whenever you have a 45-minute free period. Getting a sweat on can help you deal with work pressures, leaving you feeling refreshed and refocused for the rest of your day.


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