Roz Fraser

Roz completed her very first session with us around two years ago. Starting with the odd class to begin with, she’s now a HUB regular and enjoying group fitness training as part of her weekly routine.

For Roz, her journey to more regular exercise wasn’t primarily about chasing a leaner figure or losing pounds. Instead, it was about taking the time to work on herself in the hope to become mentally stronger. 

ServicesHUB Transformer, HUB Connect, Group Training, The LABYearJourney began in 2019

Not long into her journey, Roz signed up for a 10-week transformation challenge and gave it her all. Very quickly she started to see positive changes. She was consistently attending sessions, pushed through them and nailed the nutrition side of the challenge too.

Her commitment to improving her wellness has paid off and, now 2 stone down and super lean, she feels so much stronger mentally as well as physically. Roz kept herself going throughout lockdown with our HUB connect online workouts and has impressed everyone with her determination. Her transformation is incredible, and we feel fortunate and hugely proud to have been able to help her on her journey. It’s been tough at times and there have been ups and downs but Roz has relished every challenge, given it 100% and she really does deserve this success.

Since I found the Hub, my mental health and body confidence has dramatically improved. Supportive, encouraging coaching, and training with an amazing team, has helped me focus on my goals, and pushed me to become a better version of myself. I now train consistently and look forward it, and I couldn’t have made these lifestyle changes without the help of the Hub community. It really has changed my life for the better.


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