Amelia Morgan

Amelia joined us on a 10-week transformation challenge in May 2021 hoping to improve her fitness levels and do something completely different to what she had tried before.

Lockdown had taken its toll and Amelia found herself in a real rut. Struggling with her weight and a less active lifestyle, her wellbeing started to suffer. Coming across our transformers programme online it ticked a lot of boxes, a new challenge with experienced coaches, support and close to home.

Amelia’s journey at the HUB is a great one to be part of. Having lost more than 3 stone (and counting) Amelia has grasped everything she needs to achieve her goals. Consistent, hardworking, determined and a fantastic team player Amelia deserves her continued success.

ServicesHUB Transformer, Group Training, Monthly MemberYearJourney began in May 2021

Feeling stuck and aware she wasn’t living a healthy lifestyle, Amelia’s mood and energy levels had dipped. It felt unsustainable and after recently turning 50 she knew she had to act or face long term effects to her health and wellbeing.

Just as she signed up her husband Jim decided to join too and they began the journey together. Starting from the beginning, Amelia was apprehensive about how she would cope with being out of her comfort zone but taking our advice and planning her sessions in advance helped her see them through. Adjusting her eating habits was more challenging so we worked together on goal setting, calorie deficits and tracking and very soon Amelia started to see results. The Transformers group chat was also a great support, being encouraged and supported by others within the challenge and offering support was inspiring, motivating and kept everybody upbeat and on track.

As a team we feel very proud to be part of Amelia’s journey and the progress she has made. Fitter now than she was 20 years ago and more than 3 stone down she is determined to keep going. Feeling energised Amelia is keen to give everything a go and enjoys a balance of strength, conditioning and cardio sessions here at the HUB. It’s no surprise that Amelia was voted ‘Hubster of the month’ from all the coaches at the start of 2022, we can’t wait to see what she does next.

I have struggled with my weight and fitness levels for over 30 years. I’ve read up, tried all sorts of diets and gyms – what is clear now, I hadn’t committed enough. It wasn’t for a lack of trying; it was needing to get into the mindset of consistent, hard work is the way forward. Quick fixes don’t get it done.

The team at the Hub are insightful, experienced and adaptive – they work with you – guiding, encouraging and sharing knowledge to help everyone improve. It’s also fun, that’s surprised me most – those endorphins get you! The Hub welcome and team effort really spurs me on.

So far I’ve lost 3 stone and feel energised, stronger and fitter. Best thing I’ve done in such long time! I now plan my week with gym sessions in mind – prioritising wellbeing is more than okay, it’s great!”


Our next 10-week challenge begins on 21st March 2022. Get in touch today,

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